Why NON Founder Aaron Trotman Takes a Different Approach to Non-Alcoholic Wines

"Aaron Trotman calls himself a “food explorer” and a sense of adventure permeates his alternative wine company NON. Trotman, a serial entrepreneur from Melborne Australia was inspired by Anthony Bourdain when he began a journey traveling the world with his wife Miranda back in 2010 in search of the best food they could find. They booked tasting menus at Michelin-starred restaurants and, while he enjoyed the available wine pairings, Miranda, who doesn’t drink, went for mocktails, which to their surprise were often more creative and interesting than the fine wine in the pairings. That’s when it hit him. Zero-proof beverages, whether they are beer, wine, spirits or mocktails, don’t have to be boring. By creating the right beverage, he found a way to further elevate a fine dining experience without alcohol." writes Lee Sherman

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