NON’s Blend of Ingredients

Let’s be honest - some conventional non-alcoholic wines got rid of their flavour when they dealcoholised their product. The thing with this is, alcohol carries the flavour in wine - it’s what balances everything out. Without alcohol, you’re left with something overly sweet, lacking complexity and something that may be less satisfying than you originally planned.

That's where NON comes in. 

Our techniques and ingredients have been influenced by European fine dining kitchens to produce a drink that’s worthy of pairing with your food. This is something that some non-alcoholic options failed to fix - it was never created to accompany your occasion with food. Only as a substitute for the real thing, but a substitute that missed the mark on taste.

NON doesn’t settle for only providing a wine alternative - we see it as an alternative drink for anyone who cares about artfully curated and complex flavours from the natural world. We begin and end with flavour. Always. 

Read on for an insight into the NON world and how we solve the problem. 

Conventional? No, you’re right

The bold flavours that make up our collection of infusion blends aren’t produced from conventional methods. We wouldn’t be able to create unique and balanced flavours without our patented technology. 

Unlike other non-alcoholic alternatives, we use real food and culinary techniques to create something so unique and delicious. We don’t use wine making methods such as pressing, fermentation or ageing - we don’t use these methods because  we’re not tackling the problem the same way.

The problem with using these methods is that we're not making wine. Therefore, it doesn’t work to bring out the best flavour of our ingredients. We needed to look at our production process as a high-quality restaurant kitchen. 

In our purpose-built cooking facility in melbourne, australia, culinary methods are implemented to extract pure flavour from our natural ingredients. After countless trials of studying the ingredients, we’ve found the optimal processes for extracting maximum flavour from our ingredients. We are always looking and developing new machinery so that NON isn’t stagnant. It’s ever-evolving. 

Although NON took learnings from great wine: the balance of flavours and the ability to enjoy at any occasion, especially with excellent cuisine, don’t come to NON expecting to find something that tastes like wine. It doesn’t taste anything like it. Nor do we intend it to. 

It’s impossible to get a non-alcoholic option to taste like wine because alcohol is the thing that brings all the flavour together. NON doesn’t imitate wine, but, it takes all the celebrated elements of it to create something new that you’ll want wherever you are: in a nice restaurant, watching the sun go down or finishing your day with after-work drinks.

Our drinks are created from the ground up with a balancing act of the same pillars we see in wine. It’s what makes alcoholic wine and NON taste so great





Always with these elements of taste in mind, ingredients are blended to produce an unconventional mix of flavours that create a sensory experience, and a tasty one at that. 

The blend

We’ve made it hard for ourselves - so hard, that our production process deserved to be patented.

It’s not just about the ingredients we use - it’s about how we get the best flavour from those ingredients with our multidisciplinary techniques. 

Made with fine dining cooking methods, we extract the flavour from our natural ingredients in a way that never damages or threatens its pure flavour. It takes time. Seriously, we can be in that kitchen for days just preparing one batch of drinks. 

A non-alcoholic option shouldn’t impact flavour or choice. Pairing our drinks with food was the reigning feat for NON’s creation. There aren’t many other non-alcoholic options that you would want to eat with earthy stuffed mushrooms or to pair with wood fired meat. 

With NON, you can have it all - just without the alcohol. 

Collection of ingredients 

NON crafts each edition with tea or spices; fruit skins for tannin; murray river salt or olive brine for salinity and verjus for acidity. 

Whole fruits and vegetables are the lead ingredients in our creations and the body comes together from everything you’re tasting in a glass of NON. 

That’s what makes it so unique and satisfying.

We pride ourselves on transparency and list every ingredient in each of our infusion blends on the label of the bottle. The natural world is key. You cannot recreate the taste of NON with anything false. And, we wouldn’t want to. 

Never artificial, always natural. Simply delicious. Redefining the wine occasion has never been more. Exciting. Now, it’s NON. 

Explore the collection today.