Redefining the Social Experience

Although we do see NON as an opportunity to reject a hangover, we understand you come to NON for our delicious blends that complement your food experience and intrigue your palate. Drinking one of our infusion blends is an experience in its own right. 

Choosing NON is all about choosing taste and it’s a much more elegant option than a soda drink. It’s about positive drinking with style. 

With that positivity in mind - and, without preaching - we do recognise that drinking for taste, avoiding a hangover and limiting other embarrassments that might come with, let’s say, overindulging in alcohol is great. But, NON doesn’t want to stop there. Our entire brand champions a positive future, based on shaking up outdated societal norms.

Much like the pillars of taste in our infusion blends, we have essential pillars that uphold the very being of NON.




Whilst we don’t preach wellness, nor will we - when we redefine the social experience of drinking, we also want to redefine our corporate and social duty.


The future of drinks relies upon dismantling old rules. NON strives to tear down weak stereotypes and provide a future for every identity and every culture. 

Melbourne is a multicultural melting pot - that’s what makes it one of the best dining experiences in the world. NON has always believed that diversity brings success and quality, therefore a diverse workforce can only impact the business for the better.

With a 60% female team and a range of cultures within our production team to our marketing team, each day is about learning from one another, rather than following one strict, archaic path. That’s not how NON came to be and it’s not how NON will thrive. 

An inclusive society means being aware of our privilege and persisting to do better, always. Partnerships to NON are what will keep our finger on the pulse, like the partnership with our friends at ozharvest - supporting disadvantaged communities with $5 from each sale of our everyday range. 

Inclusivity also means including everyone in NON’s process and progress. The ever-evolving attitude of NON means our priorities will need to bend and shift to form a continual path to the future of drinks.


Being created in melbourne, australia, it’s important that our ever-evolving philosophy is apparent in all aspects of our business. It’s not just the minds behind NON that want to improve our lands, it’s the shifting lifestyle and attentions of our consumers. We know that we need to do better for you. 

Staying local wherever we can, we want to reduce our carbon footprint whilst supporting australian farmers. We also package our infusion blends locally and ship our infusion blends to you carbon neutrally. 

Waste reduction is prioritised. Our kitchen focuses on composting everything that we don’t get the chance to use, we use paper labels and our glass bottles are fully recyclable. Furthermore, NON uses 100% green power with low water usage for our production process. This won’t change. 

With the conscious consumer in mind, we want to be fully-transparent with our commitments to a sustainable future. 

We’re waste minimal, taste maximal. 


Made in our purpose-built facility, NON was created with a careful and, at times, challenging balance of flavours. Facing the issue that removing alcohol from a drink can impact the flavour hugely, NON wanted to build a blend from the ground up which championed taste and quality without ever needing alcohol. 

Positive drinking is a natural occurrence with NON. With our focus on taste without the need for alcohol, we’ve created a sophisticated option for everyone. Sharing a drink with friends or joining an occasion with food without alcohol, for a long time, felt somewhat uncomfortable. The non-alcoholic drink options were an afterthought to an occasion, not a priority.

Regardless of one’s choice not to drink alcohol, NON wanted to bring a drink that pairs well with exquisite cuisine and a drink that tastes delicious with unique flavours. Something that prioritises taste in the social experience. NON is inclusive. It’s not a gateway to alcohol nor is it representing a move against alcohol, it’s a route to quality taste in any occasion you can think of. 

It’s not about having something in your glass that looks like an alcoholic beverage. It’s about being with friends, family and your colleagues for an occasion and putting taste at the forefront of that experience. 


What makes NON tick is shaking up the norm and exploring bold and complex ways of creating a delicious blend of drinks. Whilst we do this, we’re also committed to improving the world we’re in, in society and the environment. 

In its own category, NON has been created with food in mind. Pair our infusion blends with fabulous food and you’ll forget that NON even has to mention its 0.0% alcohol content. 

Come to NON for the flavour and quality. Stay for the experience. 

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