NON For Every Day

An occasion to many means different things - a moment to take in such as 

When there are leaves on the ground
Watching the sun go down
A change in season
An autumn night
In the summer sunshine

At NON, we know there’s always a moment in life when it feels right to say, “shall we have a drink?” That's why NON is made for everyday, for every occasion. 

We don’t settle on taste - being created in a kitchen and using top quality ingredients, NON is all about food. It’s what goes in our infusion blends and what makes it the perfect partner to all your dishes. To have something delicious, full-bodied and balanced whenever you want it combines not only a sensory experience but it combines a sensation of just feeling right. 

NON is versatile and ever-present - there’s no moment that it doesn’t fit into. And, you never feel restricted with NON. With no alcohol, you can indulge even further, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. 

Our infusion blends are not what you’ve known before - seeking comparisons might point you in the right direction, but while it can replace the need for wine or other beverages, NON is new. It’s the future of drinks, with mere touchpoints of drinks from the alcoholic world. 

Never settle for an alcoholic-free drink that forgets about flavour and luxury - NON world was created for the flavour experience. That’s why it’s the future of drinks. 


You might hear us talking about the wine occasion a lot - but what do we mean? We want to make it clear that NON is in its own category. Our infusion blends are not versions of alcoholic free wine yet, they encapsulate that sensation, that occasion of when you would grab a bottle or a glass. 

Still, let’s not confuse our infusion blends with alcohol-free versions of wine. Although it shares the complexity and balance of flavours, NON is very much defining its own category. 

While many cherish wine for its ability to enhance and compliment a meal, NON wanted to provide a wine alternative for those that celebrate the masterfully balanced, complex and unique flavours from the natural world. 

Everyday drinking to NON means for those occasions when a drink in your hand helps to define a moment and to enhance a moment. The taste of our infusion blends provide a certain versatility to these moments. For those colder evenings, you can enjoy NON7 stewed cherry & coffee whereas for a sundowner, delight in NON1 salted raspberry & chamomile.

It’s versatile. It’s inclusive. It’s NON. 


NON hasn’t compromised on flavour or the experience of pairing a beverage with food. With our patented production process, NON has been able to change the way we consider our non-alcoholic drinks. 

Pairing a glass of wine with your meal, or each individual course, has been a dining luxury - a joy, really. When the flavours in what you drink and what you eat are exemplified through their togetherness you’re left thinking, ‘I could die and go to heaven tonight, and be quite fine with that!’

We’ve been there. When you have a meal that’s enriched and balanced by your drink pairing, it almost feels illegal for something that tastes so good. 

But, if you didn’t drink alcohol, you were left behind. Led to the selection of soda drinks that didn’t complement your food, which actually negatively impacted that flavour and failed to bring the allure or sensation that has been long established by wine pairings. 

Any occasion with food will be enhanced, balanced and indulgent with NON. There’s no in between or the need to settle. 


Is there anything better than chatting to your mates over a bottle of something delicious? It’s not just about enhancing the flavours with NON, it’s about enhancing the experience. 

Holding a glass of something delectable just feels right. It feels like a physical extension of your social group - except with NON, you won’t say the wrong thing or wake up the next day in a haze of regret. 

It’s positive drinking with friends, family, colleagues or that guy you just bumped into who you haven’t seen since primary school. 

Pouring a glass of NON is like diving into a delicious meal. With flavours from the natural world, chilled to perfection, it’s an undeniable experience in solitude. Add good company to that, and you’re onto a winner. 


Well, with NON, you can celebrate daily. You woke up and didn’t scroll on your phone? Treat yourself to NON3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu with your lunch today. You just got promoted? Perfect, try NON6 Tomato Water & Basil with some savoury pastries tonight. 

NON is what you gravitate towards in the good times, and the best times. It just tops off your celebrations that you won’t wake up hazy and regretful the next day – we’ve all been there, but it’s nice to remove the element of social mistakes and simply champion quality taste and times with those you love. 


For those pensive, quieter moments, NON is able to transport you to an even greater calm. 

Much like with great food, you savour the careful balance of ingredients. As NON is made up of high quality ingredients, using the principles of artful food compositions, you can take a moment of reflection to appreciate the taste, the sensory experience, as you enjoy a moment for yourself. Alone. 

There simply isn’t a moment in life that NON cannot improve. 

Don’t believe us? Try our everyday set for yourself and delight in every occasion with NON. 

Let’s redefine the wine occasion.