NON is Australian in Attitude and Nature

We believe much of our attitude comes from our birthplace: Melbourne, Australia. The triangulation of melbourne: food, style and art has inspired NON. In 2021, it was even voted best food and drink scene in the world and it’s the culinary capital of Australia – even outdoing France for its croissants. NON, being in this gastronomical epicentre, can continue to explore bold and complex flavours. It’s a foodie’s dream, really. 

Where we are shapes our passion and creativity. Whether you’re a foodie or not (we all are at NON), it’s not just about what you can taste, it’s about:


We’re proudly Australian. Our drinks reflect the bold attitude of the city NON started in - Melbourne - bringing with it the innovation and non-conformist frame of mind that’s omnipresent here. 

At NON, we aren’t able to follow directions. We’ve started something new. A non-alcoholic drink that doesn’t compromise on taste or flavour. Using local ingredients whenever we can, our infusion blends set a precedent for quality, inspired by the high gastronomical standards seen in our city, which houses some of the best restaurants in the world. 

It’s hard not to be inspired by the vibrant city and modern Australian cuisines. NON took all the best parts of Australia, excluding the koala, and used that to create balanced, unique flavours in our infusion blends. With a production process based on fine-dining kitchens and the combination of the natural world brings something exquisite to your taste buds, all in a non-alcoholic drink. 

Learn more about our local inspiration below. 


Where NON was created is a key factor of our infusion blends. Without our founder, Aaron’s passion for fine dining, pairing drinks with food or truly incredible tasting ingredients, NON wouldn’t be here. Our drinks are made up of the natural world, with food quality in mind without exception.  

In Melbourne, we have some of the best restaurants in the world: attica, brae & gimlet - attica was even referred to by Besha Rodell as “the antidote to fine dining fatigue.”

We’ve been setting trends for food for a long time. With our modern Australian cuisine, we set the pinnacle for taste and style. Melbourne takes taste seriously. Even our coffee culture can shake up everything you once knew about good-tasting coffee. It strives to be the best - leading the pack in flavour and excellence. 

Food, as the backbone of NON, is what connects us to our city hugely. Within our team, we are slightly obsessed with trying new combinations of flavours or paying an arm and a leg for an incredible dining experience. 

Melbourne’s way of challenging the norms of the dining world has been represented in NON’s infusion blends. Pairing ingredients together to create something unique, that will make you stop and turn your head when you see the list of ingredients on our bottles. 

That’s what we want from NON. We want to bring the unexpected to the limelight – bringing flavour to the forefront of the future of drinks. 

NON doesn’t stop, much like melbourne. As a 24-hour city, the room for growth is vast. NON will not stop continuing to be inspired by new tastes and new ingredients - that’s what makes us one step in front, at all times.


It would be strange not to mention the produce that Australia has to offer. Our neighbour, in south australia, offers the iconic barossa valley to the wine world. 

South Australia is world-renowned for its vineyards and rightly so. Our wine has put Australia on the map for years. At NON, we get our verjus from the barossa valley. Why? Because it’s the best. Verjus makes up the base of all of our infusion blends and we think it’s pretty great that we can get it from our neighbours in south australia. 

While south australia has held the prominence for their wine region, let’s not sleep on what victoria has to offer. Victoria’s wine regions have icon potential, too - try the yarra valley, king valley and heathcote, to name a few, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Not to brag or anything, but our Australian land is so vast, we can provide a world supply of wine easily. 


In Australia, we do our own thing. 

We’re self sufficient. We use local ingredients such as Barossa Valley verjus and Murray river salt - key components of our blends. And, our flavour is built up on local produce as much as possible and we love that we can get the majority of our ingredients from our very own country. 

We actually love verjus from the Barossa Valley so much, that we’re the largest buyer in all of Australia. 


NON’s founder, Aaron, has a background in luxury products. After living in Melbourne for some time, the inherent style of the city and Aaron's keen eye for taste means that NON doesn’t only taste good, it looks good. 

Our bottles have a modern and sophisticated look. As they should. Why settle for style? We know quality taste needs to be wrapped in quality. It’s about the visual aesthetics complementing the infusion blends rather than destroying its impact. 

That’s it. Melbourne’s non-conformist attitude, the gastronomical epicentre, Australia's produce have instilled a power within NON. Each drink in our collection represents NON’s birthplace - melbourne, australia. You can feel the and taste the gastronomical experience and know that it’s only going to get better.

Get to know NON, if you care about quality ingredients, taste and being a trendsetter. 

The quality will never wane - the taste will only improve. 

Try our everyday set to dip your toe into magnificent flavour.