NON & Food - A Match Made in Heaven

As much as NON is in its own category, we lean on the fact that wine has provided the perfect accompaniment to food. Well, until now. 

There is an art to pairing your beverage to your food. It’s there to enhance the taste experience, exploring and challenging new combinations leaving you, at times, gobsmacked but always overjoyed. 

There’s a ritualistic element to selecting, even curating, a food menu accompanied by a drinks menu. When your meal is elaborate in detail, in flavour and in sensation, it would be strange to then forget about what you are drinking. 

The beverage in which you pair with your meal should be as artful, as complex and unique as well as delicious as the food you are eating. That’s why NON, born in the kitchen in the gastronomical epicentre of Melbourne, Australia, is the ultimate choice for pairing with your food. 

Wine has held the title of the perfect accompaniment to your meal yet this means that an alcoholic beverage only has been able to provide that. NON’s bold exploration of flavours from the natural world has allowed a new form of drink to bring the same sensation, yet without alcohol. 

Find out more as to why NON and food have a long future ahead. 


All of our infusion blends are made from the ground up, in a purpose-built kitchen. Using ingredients from the natural world, our whole fruits and vegetables lead the taste pillars, creating something quite complex yet perfectly balanced. 

Our collection of ingredients are blended together to create something unique yet completely appealing. 


The importance of building our non-alcoholic beverage brand relied upon a production process that incorporated techniques from the kitchen. Curating flavours that, at first, sound unusual together, but when you try it, make so much sense. 

Together with high quality ingredients and a patented production process, the food on your plate and your glass of NON depict a mutual harmony that makes it distinct. They’re prepared the same way meaning they have been nurtured together, thus naturally pair together. 

NON is bold and unwavering in its creation, championing real food, flavour, 0.0% alcohol and being born in Melbourne. Using real food and blends that are as delicious as the dish you pair it with, its innovation means you finally have a great drink outside of wine for your dining experience. 


There’s a ritualistic element to pairing your drink with your food. It gives your chef the opportunity to enhance both, usually from a creative or subjective standpoint rather than a clear scientific route, meaning the room for growth or future pairings is vast.

Then, as you taste your drink and take a mouthful of food, you’re released into something new simply through this carefully selected combination. 


NON makes it easier for you to know what to pair each of our infusion blends with. In the world of wine, you can feel overwhelmed with the choice within red wine and white wine. The wrong choice can impact the taste of the food you eat, so our team of top chefs have told you exactly what you can pair it with, so you can just sit back and enjoy the experience. 

For NON2 Caramelised Pear & Kombu, pair with your dessert, cheese boards or roasted mushrooms and meats. With NON4 Roast Beetroot & Sansho, try matching leafy greens, ragu or woodfired mushrooms and meats. 

We take the trouble out of pairing without losing the creativity.

NON and food’s partnership creates an experience like no other. It’s a date of flavour and joy. 

Try our collection today and pair with our recommendations for a fuller, bolder dining experience. Shifting up the narrative of drinking and dining, NON is setting the way for the future of drinks. 

View our recommended pairings for all of our collection.