An Alternative to Alcohol, Not Flavour

NON is paving a way for the future of drinks, but not just because of its 0.0% alcohol content, because of its delicious taste made from real food. As many change their drinking habits, opting for non-alcoholic options, NON was designed to not only be available but be perfectly paired with your food and suit any occasion.

When seeking a wine alternative or an alternative to alcohol, with NON, you’re finding a new drink – something that you find through the premise of an alternative, but you’ll discover a replacement.  

Read on to discover the power of NON world and why you’ll stick around.


There’s been a true shift in drinking culture which has seen a change in what’s available. The great news is that there are alcohol-free spirits and beers for people who are taking a night off the drink or making a conscious effort to cut out alcohol completely. But, you don’t pair spirits and beers with your four-course dinner. Not to create the desired effect that chefs work tirelessly to inspire.

While there are options available for alcohol-free wine, some have failed to replicate what’s so great about wine in the first place: the balance of flavours. With the removal of alcohol, the taste can feel lacking and therefore does not do justice for the greatness of wine. 

Those seeking a wine alternative are seeking a drink for any occasion, and a drink that can pair perfectly with food which is where NON steps forward. 


Food and wine are linked for good reason, therefore shaking up the drinks industry with a non-alcoholic alternative that could step in when wine couldn’t was a mean feat. 

NON had to be different; nuanced in a way that was so outstanding that it can only be defined in a new category. NON bows its head to the pillars of taste in wine, the occasion of wine, but to move forward and present something new, it had to involve a new production process. 

Our infusion blends are created in the kitchen with the same methods as your food is prepared. Each bottle is made of all-natural ingredients with techniques that draw out the optimum flavour and provide a unique taste experience. 

Our blends are created from scratch - never with alcohol, which means we don’t need to remove anything that will then damage the flavour of our drinks. This was new terrain and it required high-quality ingredients blended together to create something not only delicious, but something complex. 


As an alternative to wine, not as a copycat, you won’t experience anything that tastes like something you’ve had before. NON is distinct. The flavours are bold and new, with combinations of natural ingredients that will make you stop in your tracks. 

Innovation and flavour is at the heart of NON. Methods to create and inspire new tastes mean that you’ll not only delight in the fact that your head isn’t sore the next day, but that you have finally found a perfect pairing for your food that doesn’t relax on quality or taste.

With all vegan and gluten free options, NON presents an alternative to wine that can tick every box. 

Try NON with your next meal, or simply on its own. You’ll forget that it’s a non-alcoholic alternative as you reach for your next top up.